Parallel Battery Charger S4/XT30-XT60

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About this product

A perfect tool to keep all those micro batteries in tip-top shape. Charge and balance up to 6 batteries at the same time with this XT30/60 Parallel Balance Charging Board. Compatible with 2-4s LiPo batteries.

Has slots for five XT-30 batteries charging at 2-6S and one slot for an XT-60 at 3-6S.


  • Material: Acrylic board
  • Dimension: 60*100*20MM
  • Weight: 75g
  • Output Plugs
    • 5 x XT-30 at 2-6S
    • 1 x XT-60 at 3-6S
  • MAX XT-60 Single Port Input Current: 30A (10℃) / 45A (30℃)
  • MAX XT-60 Single Port Output Current: 30A (10℃) / 45A (30℃)
  • MAX XT-30 Single Port Output Current: 30A (10℃) / 45A (30℃)
  • MAX Balance Port Input Current: 10A per wire (10℃) / 15A per wire (30℃)
  • MAX Balance Port Output Current: 10A per wire (10℃) / 15A per wire (30℃)

Note: When balance charging, all voltages (cell counts) must be the same across batteries. Always practice safe charging practices. Never leave batteries charging unattended.

Note: You will need a female XT-60 adapter cable to plug your charger into this balance board. You cannot charge batteries with this board alone.


  • 1 x STP XT30/60 Parallel Balance Charging Board (2-6S)