Armor 10 1.3G /5.8G VTX Version

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1. Product parameters

Rack: Armor 10

Wheelbase :410± 2mm

Motor :3110-kv900

Flight control :BLADE F722 V2

ESC :BLADE 60A EXT Camera :Caddx Ratel 2 VTX :SOLO 5.8G 1.6W

1.3G 800mw(with 1.3G dedicated reception)

Antenna :CHERRY SMA ultra extended 1.3G special antenna (used with 1.3G VTX)

GPS (standard): 251(with compass)

Blade :1050

Total weight :770g

video transmission distance: 4-5KM

Take-off weight (including 6s 8200MAH battery): about 1670g size (L * W * H):36cm*30cm*8cm

Load weight :1.5kg

Maximum speed :150km/h

Maximum take-off height :7000m

Maximum hover time :35min

Maximum flight range :35km

Maximum load :3.2kg

Recommended battery :6S 8000MAH(21700 battery)


2.Poduct characteristics

1, The use of SOLO1.6W high-power VTX, strong anti-interference

1.3G diagram transmission version has stronger diffraction.

2, The use of customized 3110 motor, strong power, large load

3, High-strength carbon plate, customized aircraft structure, to ensure stable flight

4, A variety of expansion design, can meet all kinds of sports cameras, professional camera mounting.

5, Standard XT90 interface, can install various types of batteries.

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